Established in 1970, the Aitchison brand has been around for more than 50 years. It is synonymous with innovation in environmentally sustainable zero tillage seeding and soil management equipment. The company has claimed many "firsts" for the introduction of new technologies which have greatly helped farmers become more effective and efficient. 

In cultivation equipment the Easyflow® cultivator became the first wideline trailed field cultivator, followed soon after by the Earthquaker® aerator and the Agrispred® line of fertiliser spreaders. Many competitors followed these successful Aitchison products but Aitchison remains one of the most prominent players in this market. The company is best known for direct drilling, e.g. Seedmatic®, with a range of tine and disc drills that were originally introduced as specific highly effective pasture renovation tools. Such is the versatility of this extensive drill range, with its unique Aitchison sponge seeding system, that it is now effectively used to sow everything from cereals to lucerne and brassicas. 

The now famous Aitchison inverted T knock on/off boot opener was designed by founder Peter Aitchison in combination with Massey University more than 30 years ago and is still regarded as a benchmark for seeding results in just about any seeding environment. The line-up of drills is extensive, from the highly sophisticated Seedking® range of professional drills to small specialised drills for vineyards and ATV bikes. Most Aitchison drills allow farmers and contractors to “spec” their own machines, as the drills are built up in modules. Aitchison products are sold across the globe, in markets as diverse as Ireland, South Africa, the United States, France, Mexico and, of course, Australia.  

In Australia, Aitchison is proudly distributed by PFG Australia Pty Ltd

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