McHale is a family run business based in Ireland. 

Over the last 40 years McHale has developed a range of specialist farm machinery focusing on balers and bale wrappers for the production of round and square baled silage, and round bales of hay and straw. Exports account for 90 per cent of sales and McHale round balers, round bale wrappers, square bale wrappers and integrated baler wrappers are sold in more than 50 countries across six continents.

 This success is attributed to the company philosophy of specialisation, R & D and intensive testing in the field. McHale has ISO9002 accreditation and has made significant investments in the latest production technology.  

In 2002 a conscious decision was made by McHale to concentrate on the development of high output balers and bale wrappers. The main focus of the business revolves around providing practical solutions for farmers and contractors in the production of round baled silage, haylage, straw, hay and square baled silage. 

In Australia, McHale is distributed by PFG Australia.



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